Azure Virtual Desktop AD Joined

In this post I want to share how to setup Azure AVD AD-Joined based on the usecase "migrating onprem RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Bots to Azure". In this usecase, we have followed this link for building up RPA AVD solution with vendor Automation Anywhere.

The following was considered:

  • Multisession vs Personal hostpool;
  • Maintenance of the AVD pool operating system via Intune Policies;
  • SCF and SMCF frameworks of Microsoft;
  • Azure Active Directory Joined and MFA integration;
  • Azure Policies for extra protection;
  • Windows updates where being done by Microsoft Autopatch.
  • checking Cost management, Privacy and security controls;
  • Azure Builder, for creating custom Windows 10 or 11 images.

A lot of decision making, to select the right solution for the right usecase. For us the multisession AVD pools was the best approach. All was captured in Microsoft Bicep code for automatic provisioning and the OS was fully hardened. Most of the topics below just came out of Technical Public Preview into General Available, making it useable in Production environments.