Become a Microsoft Copilot for Security Ninja

Ever dreaming to make your work easier as a Security Professional? Within this Microsoft blog, you can! This blog describes how you can become a Microsoft Copilot for Security Ninja, by helping you to complete a Level 400 Training.

The Course
This course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to effectively utilize Microsoft Copilot for Security, a cloud-based platform renowned for providing comprehensive visibility and safeguarding of organizational assets and data. You'll learn to monitor, detect, analyze, and respond to security threats across hybrid environments.

The course is divided into three parts—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—each consisting of several modules that explain different aspects and features of Copilot for Security. After completing each module, you will be given a knowledge assessment to measure your comprehension and retention of the information presented. Furthermore, participants will have access to additional resources and dedicated support, ensuring a guided and enriching learning experience.

The Architecture
The blog has amazing links, beautifull centralized, which can be found at this Link

When I'm learning, I always like to understand the architecture of the product, which you can find over here:

My study links
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Certificate time
If you are ready, you can go for the Microsoft Copilot for Security Ninja Certificate. (Please Note, this is a certificate of program completion not an official Microsoft Certification).

To obtain the Microsoft Copilot for Security Ninja certificate:

  • Take the knowledge check here;
  • If you score 80% or more in the knowledge check, request your participation certificate here.

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